On 18 – 19 March 2019 Sebenza Nawe exhibited at the Local Government Asset Management Indaba. This was the second LGAMI which came in a year where our country will be having the 6th Democratic National Election on the 08th May 2019.

The LGAMI aims to address asset management issues and offers delegates many reasons to attend. It remains the premier annual event where local government professionals gather for meaningful discussions and unrivalled networking opportunities with industry peers. As an organisation that has a tailor-made solution to some of the challenges facing government, this was indeed the ideal platform for us to engage and present a solution to this sector.

Sebenza Nawe which is a majority black owned debt recovery business emerged from an opportunity to establish an independent entity focussing the national, provincial and municipal government sectors. With ethical collection practices at the heart of everything we do, our group seat count of 1 400 ensures that we have the size, scale and values to handle ever-evolving market requirements. Powered by Blake Group technologies, human resources and intellectual property, Sebenza Nawe benefits from nearly 30 years of experience in the consumer debt collection market. This allows us to harness the expertise and achievements of almost 3 decades of Blake operations, giving us an advantage. Allow us to be your partner in revenue enhancement.

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On the 29th and 30th of November 2018, Sebenza Nawe participated in the Revenue enhancement Summit which was hosted by CIGFARO in partnership with SALGA and the CFO foundation.  The main objectives of the summit was to encourage a conversation amongst local government  leaders and stakeholders on challenges the sector face in relation to revenue and possible ways to enhancement revenue in their respective municipalities and organizations.

Sebenza Nawe as a brand was formed from a 28 years successful story background on various revenue enhancement solutions for different sectors, Sebenza Nawe in particular is designed to respond directly to the public sector and state owned entities. At the summit we sponsored a panel discussion, and invited ADRA to lead the discussion on what municipalities should consider when appointing a debt collector.

We are determined to be active, responsible citizens, and as an organization, not to sit back but rather to bring forward solutions that have been tested and are successful in other sectors and participate in the conversations that seek to assist government and state owned enterprises overcome any challenges and obstacles they face.  We look forward to working with individual municipalities and any state owned enterprise in the near future.